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MST Slimline - Heat Robo 1200S

Advantages of MST Slimline Two Piece System
  • MST proprietary material:
  • Has a thermal expansion coefficient 1.6 times higher than steel
  • Requires lower temperature to shrink in carbide tools (430°C compared to 690°C)
  • Ultra-thin 1.5 mm walls for increased clearances
  • Run-out ≤5μm at 4xD overhang
    Two-piece design provides large selection interchangeable collets for gage lengths, tool shank diameters, and coolant/air delivery options

For more details on items included with this system, go here. NOTE: No substitution is allowed for system package as outline in this document. However, other options are available for additional purchase.

Additional specification details for this system, as well as available options for purchase, found here.

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