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1-2-3 Resin Cell Program

1. Call 1-800-336-7283 and order two of our resin cells for your existing machine. Our cells come with all the necessary hook-ups and a full charge of virgin, regenerated, semiconductor grade or activated carbon resin. Use part numbers MBAI-835V or MBA-835V for virgin, MBAI-835H or MB-835H for regenerated, MB-935SC for semiconductor grade, or MB-935AC for activated carbon and you are on your way!

2. When your order arrives, replace your old resin cell with your new purchase. Connect the input to the black quick disconnect, and the output to the yellow.

3. When your initial cell needs replacement, simply remove the used cell and return it to us. Upon receipt of your old cell, we will immediately forward a new cell back to you the same day!

No more disposal worries, no mess, no downtime. We also offer bulk virgin or regenerated resin.