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Topas H.E.A.T. Coated EDM Wire: SST is proud to offer bedra’s premier line of coated EDM wires. The topas H.E.A.T. Coated gamma phase wire is specially designed for Makino machines, and provides optimum machining speeds for both Sealed and Detached Nozzle applications. This wire provides reliable threading performance, and can be used on Makino machines with or without the H.E.A.T. Technology. Many users see double the cutting speed with topas H.E.A.T. on machines with H.E.A.T. option in comparison to plain wire.

Topas Heat Coated EDM Wire

Topas HEAT
Technical Details
Core Material CuZn20
Coating Material Zinc Rich Brass, Double Layer
Tensile Strength 800 MPa
116,00 PSI
Elongation 1%
Color Grey-Gold