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Hitachi is one of the best known names in the EDM industry as a manufacturer of premium brass EDM wires. Single Source Technologies offers Hitachi’s standard hard brass, soft, and super soft brass EDM wires. All three of these offer a level of consistency and quality unequaled by other brands in the industry.

Characteristics of Hitachi Hard brass EDM wire:

  • High cutting speed due to its zinc-rich constitution (60/40 brass)
  • Superior automatic threading capabilities due to its excellent straightness
  • Suitable for any automatic wire threading function of any wire EDM machine manufacturer
  • Offered in .004” - .012” diameter
  • High tensile strength of 980 N/mm2 for 0.004” - .008” diameter wires
  • High tensile strength of 932 N/mm2 for .010” and .012” diameter wires
  • Wire diameter tolerance +/- .00004”
  • Minimal elongation of 0.4%

Characteristics of Hitachi Soft brass wire:

  • Significantly reduced amount of brass powder/shavings makes this EDM wire suitable for automatic threading on most machines despite its lower tensile strength
  • Offered in .008” - .012” Diameter
  • Tensile strength of approx. 441 N/mm2 to accommodate taper cutting
  • Wire diameter tolerance of +/- .00004”
  • Elongation of >= 15%

Characteristics of Hitachi Super Soft brass wire:

  • Suitable for wide angle (20° - 45°) taper cutting
  • Tensile strength of approx. 441 N/mm2
  • Elongation of > 25%