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Ancillary Equipment

Single Source Technologies provides ancillary equipment to help you optimize your EDM equipment performance. Increase your shop efficiency with Trinco dry blast cabinets and Torit PowerCore dust collection systems.

Trinco Dry Blast Cabinets and Accessories

Torit PowerCore Dust Collection Systems
Torit® PowerCore® dust collection technology from Donaldson® Torit® outperforms traditional baghouse collectors and does so in less space. In one extremely small and powerful package, the Torit PowerCore dust collector handles high airflow, high grain loading, challenging particulate and fits into the smallest places. The filter changeout is remarkably quick, easy and clean compared to the process for traditional filter bags.

Innovative Torit PowerCore dust collectors combine award-winning PowerCore filter packs with a new and patented compact pulse cleaning system. This proprietary combination delivers high filtration efficiencies not usually found in baghouse filtration.

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