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  • Wire

    Brass, coated and micro

  • Resin Program
    Resin Program

    Virgin, regenerated, semiconductor and activated carbon grades

  • Graphite

    Raw, saw cut, precision ground and manufactured electrodes

  • Fluids

    Dielectric, rust preventive, cleaning, fast hole drilling machine fluids

  • Tooling Fixtures
    Tooling Fixtures

    Tooling, pallets and automation systems

  • Filters

    Wire and RAM EDM

  • Service Parts
    Service Parts

    Agie, Brother, Charmilles, Fanuc, Hitachi, Japax, Makino, Mitsubishi, Ona and Sodick

  • Tapping Elecrodes
    Tapping Elecrodes

    POCO-3, POCO C-3, brass, copper and copper tungsten

  • Metallics

    Brass, copper, copper tungsten, pure tungsten, silver tungsten, tellurium copper and more tungsten carbide

  • Fast Hole Drills
    Fast Hole Drills

    Single hole, multi channel and fine hole EDM drills

  • Fast Hole Drilling Machines
  • Ancillary Equipment
    Ancillary Equipment

    Dry blast cabinets, dust collection systems and accessories