See the latest Makino machining solutions
during the Joint Open House!

Makino a500Z
Horizontal Machining Center - 5-Axis

  • 5-Axis High Capability HMC
  • Unique ā€œZā€ type direct drive rotary tables feature massive cross roller bearings and integral cooling for ideal rigidity and accuracy
  • Rigid slant column / slant table construction optimizes rigidity and tool life
  • Uncompromised metal removal capability

  • Makino D200Z
    Vertical Machining Center - 5-Axis

  • D200Z has volumetric accuracy below 3 microns
  • Design packs industry-leading speed and precision into a compact unit (1500mm wide by 2220mm deep) for efficient use of floor space
  • Wide base castings and core-cooled ball screws serve as a base platform for all other machine components, enhancing overall process stability
  • D200Z comes with collision safeguard and is automation ready with expandable ATC & WPC

  • Makino EDAF2
    Sinker EDM

  • The EDAF2 offers an ideal mix of high-speed machining, high accuracy and surface finish capability to efficiently
  • Active liquid cooling of the Y-axis and Z-axis structures that keeps the entire machine at a stable temperature
  • Available with an optional 50mm (2.0ā€) and 100mm (4.0ā€) table-down configuration

  • Makino F5
    Vertical Machining Center

  • Superior thermal stability
  • Machine equipped with 30,000 rpm spindle (20K is standard) with Makino patented core cooling and under race lubrication
  • Makino Super Geometric Intelligence (SGI.4) for fast, accurate contour cutting resulting in superior surface finishes
  • Live demonstration of a connecting rod forging die with no hand work necessary

  • Makino U3
    Wire EDM

  • New intelligent and interactive Hyper-i control is very user-friendly
  • Increased accuracy & improved finishes with HyperCut technology
  • Competitive return on investment with low operating costs

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